Situated in the North Ari Atoll, around 90 minutes from Velanaa International Airport, Ukulhas is a beautiful island to be. With a population of almost 1500 people, Ukulhas is a close knit welcoming community.
    Whether your dream vacation is to put on your bikini and laze on the beach or if you seek adventure – the island offers it all. Ukulhas is blessed with one of the biggest natural beaches in the atoll, perfect for a romantic dinner by the beach in the sunset!

    The beautiful house reef is home to an array of colourful fish as well as turtles. Ukulhas also has a dive center with PADI certified dive instructors who would take you on a journey to explore the underwater paradise.
    The island has its very own traditional Boduberu nights where the drums and songs would get you in the mood for festivities.

    Other activities that could be enjoyed in the island include Manta Safari, Sandbank Trips, and fishing among others.


    There are more than 15 beautiful guesthouses to choose from in this little island – all willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have an unforgettable vacation. There are 7 restaurants and 11 shops selling everything from groceries to souvenirs. And the best part is, they all accept all major currencies!


    There are plenty of ways by which tourists can come to Ukulhas island. Tourists can catch a public ferry boat, private speed ferry, chartered speedboats or seaplanes, which the hotel will be more than happy to arrange.
    Public ferry boat:
    – Takes 4 hours to reach Ukulhas from Male’ and costs about $5 per person per way. Ukulhas is the 2nd stop.
    – Departure from Male’: Monday and Wednesday at 09:00 hrs
    – Departure from Ukulhas: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 10:00 hrs

    Speed boat ferry:
    – Takes 90 minutes to reach Ukulhas from Airport and costs $50 per person per way. For children aged between 2 to 8 years $25 per way, and for infants below age 2, free of charge. Advanced booking is required for speed boat ferry. Ukulhas is the 2nd stop.
    – From Airport to Ukulhas: Twice every Saturday to Thursday at 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs. Twice every Friday at 09:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs
    – From Ukulhas to Airport: Twice every Saturday to Thursday at 07:00 hrs and 01:00 hrs. Twice every Friday at 07:00 hrs and 01:30 hrs.

    Chareterd Speed boat:
    – Speedboat takes 1 hour to reach Ukulhas island and approximately costs $550 to $650 per way. Advanced booking is required at least 5 days prior to arrival.

    Seaplane Transfer:
    – Seaplane takes about 15 minutes to reach a nearby resort and costs about $260 per person per way. From the resort, you will be taken to Ukulhas in a speed boat which will take around 20 more minutes. Advanced booking is required for Seaplane transfers and has to be booked at least 10 days prior to arrival.